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Without the added protection of airbags and a steel frame, motorcycle accidents can cause serious injury. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident you may be entitled to compensation.


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As a motorcyclist, your risk of bodily injury is higher than that of someone driving a car. Without the added protection of airbags and a steel frame, motorcycle accidents can cause serious injury. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident you may be entitled to compensation. Our Augusta personal injury attorneys can take the headache out of filing a claim and seek a positive outcome for your case.

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When you have been the victim of a motorcycle accident you can place your trust in Augusta motorcycle accident lawyers. With decades of experience and a primary focus on motor vehicle accidents we are equipped to take care of all your legal needs.


Most frequent questions and answers

A leading cause of motorcycle accidents is driver distraction. Whether a driver is talking on the phone or texting and driving, a lapse in awareness can cause severe injury to a motorcyclist.

Although you can’t control the actions of other drivers you can minimize your chance of an accident by following these steps:

    • Wear a helmet
    • Wear protective clothing
    • Don’t drink and operate a motorcycle
    • Don’t share lanes
    • Be aware of your surroundings and other drivers
    • Know your skill level

Despite your best efforts accidents do occur. In these situations, it is best to document all aspects of the accident and seek legal counsel for possible compensation.

As a motorcycle enthusiast you are more likely to be involved in an accident in the following scenarios:

    • Left-hand turn – one of the most common motorist accidents. A driver making a left may not see you and suddenly turn into your path.
    • Lane splitting – riding in-between lanes can be a risky maneuver for motorcyclists when auto drivers are not anticipating you passing and when the distance between vehicles is narrow.
    • Excessive speed – speeding on highways or streets can be a leading cause of a motorcycle injury when reaction times are greatly reduced. The faster you are going in a crash the higher the likelihood of a more severe injury or fatality.
    • Intersections – the size and profile of a motorcycle makes it more difficult for automobile drivers to see you on the road. This can lead to cars changing into your lane or cutting you off at a right-hand turn.

The insurance company isn’t on your side. No matter what their TV commercials say, they are looking out for their own wallets, not yours.

Here’s what you need to know about settlement offers from insurance companies:

    • They may significantly undervalue your damages. Insurance companies are notorious for making “lowball” settlement offers. This is often part of a strategy to pressure the victim into taking less than they deserve in order to minimize the insurer’s financial exposure.
    • Once you accept the offer, you can never ask for more money. Accepting a settlement offer requires signing a binding “mutual release agreement,” which courts will generally uphold. Unfortunately, car crash victims will sometimes take the settlement and then realize later that they have more medical bills than they realized — or that their injuries are more serious than doctors suspected, or that something didn’t heal properly and now there are costly complications. For these reasons, it’s never a good idea to take a settlement offer too soon without consulting an attorney first.
    • Settlement offers may be better for the insurance company than they are for you. Insurance companies do not make settlement offers out of the goodness of their hearts. They do it through careful calculation, using formulas designed to save themselves money.

We understand that it can be tempting to take a settlement offer right away — it might feel like you’re “turning down money,” and that’s hard to do. But you may be able to recover even more money. That’s why it is important to talk with an Augusta personal injury lawyer first. Make sure your decision is a fully informed one.

There is a stubborn myth out there that personal injury lawyers are unaffordable. On the contrary, hiring an Augusta accident lawyer at M. Austin Jackson Attorney at Law won’t cost you anything upfront at all.

Our office represents injury victims on a contingency fee basis. That means we don’t charge you anything for our legal services unless we are ultimately successful in getting you money.

If we do succeed, our fee is only a percentage of your recovery. If we don’t succeed, you don’t have to pay us one penny — we take the risk of losing so that you don’t have to risk anything at all. This gives us an incentive to fight hard for our clients, and we think it shows: in the majority of our cases, we have gotten a fair settlement for our clients without having to go to court. (That said, we are prepared to take our clients’ cases to trial if that’s what true justice requires.)

Additionally, we offer an initial, no-obligation consultation at no cost whatsoever — even if you ultimately choose not to hire us. It’s your chance to get preliminary answers to your questions, as well as a general understanding of your rights under Georgia personal injury law.

In many cases, we are also able to advance any costs of litigation so that you don’t have to pay anything upfront in order to pursue the justice you deserve.


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