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Landowners and property owners must provide a relatively safe environment if you are entering the premises. There is reasonable expectation that the area will be up to code at the local, state, and federal levels. Failure to do so may result in injury or even death.

Many types of personal injury cases can be classified as a premises liability case. At M. Austin Jackson Attorney at Law, our Augusta personal injury lawyers will help you figure out if you have a suitable case to bring to trial.

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It is important to seek legal aid if you or your family member has been injured on a personal property. Premises liability can be a complex issue to unravel dependent upon how the state classifies visitor, trespasser, and landowner responsibility. Our Augusta personal injury lawyers can help you by identifying the negligent party and seeking reparations in court on your behalf.


Most frequent questions and answers

Some instances that fall under the range of premises liability injuries include:d

    • Slips and falls
    • Swimming pool accidents
    • Dog bites
    • Electrocution
    • Staircase accidents
    • Dangerous property

Common causes for premises liability injuries include:

    • Building code violations
    • Defective wiring
    • Use of subpar building materials
    • Improperly kept walkways
    • Poor construction

Injuries from a premises liability accident can range from head injuries to broken bones. It is essential that you document the scene of a property accident with as much detail to help us establish your claim. You don’t have to suffer in silence after a personal injury. M. Austin Jackson will be your legal voice to help you get you the best result possible.

There is a stubborn myth out there that premises liability lawyers are unaffordable. On the contrary, hiring an Augusta accident lawyer at M. Austin Jackson Attorney at Law won’t cost you anything upfront at all.

Our office represents injury victims on a contingency fee basis. That means we don’t charge you anything for our legal services unless we are ultimately successful in getting you money.

If we do succeed, our fee is only a percentage of your recovery. If we don’t succeed, you don’t have to pay us one penny — we take the risk of losing so that you don’t have to risk anything at all. This gives us an incentive to fight hard for our clients, and we think it shows: in the majority of our cases, we have gotten a fair settlement for our clients without having to go to court. (That said, we are prepared to take our clients’ cases to trial if that’s what true justice requires.)

Additionally, we offer an initial, no-obligation consultation at no cost whatsoever — even if you ultimately choose not to hire us. It’s your chance to get preliminary answers to your questions, as well as a general understanding of your rights under Georgia personal injury law.

In many cases, we are also able to advance any costs of litigation so that you don’t have to pay anything upfront in order to pursue the justice you deserve.


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