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Sonia M. | Duluth, GA

If you are injured and need a real lawyer, not a television lawyer, then call Mr. Austin Jackson.

I am a licensed realtor and a single mom living in Georgia. As a realtor, I am also considered an independent business owner. This also comes with the fact that my position is commission driven–no work no pay and no car no work. While coming from a house showing, and heading back to my office, I became involved in a head-on collision. A driver made a turn from a side street into my path. Within seconds, a second car, traveling in the oncoming lane, swerved into my lane to avoid the turning car. The second car hit me, causing a big head-on collision. The pain that rushed through my body was just excruciating. My car was totaled and not drive-able. Thoughts rushed through my mind, as pain rushed through my body. We have all heard the many fancy commercials, as lawyers brag about what they will do to win your case. I did call one of those famous law firms and signed a contract for their representation in my case. After a long 5 months, I found that I could not get that famous firm to return a simple phone call. I thought the law firm I chose really meant what was said in their commercial. Instead, I was the one speaking to the insurance companies, the wrecker company, the hospital bill collectors, and the rental car company. I called many times to that law firm and many times calls were never returned. I really did not know what was worse: the insurance company that really did not want to pay me for my pain and suffering, or the law firm that was too busy to return my call. Thankfully I was introduced to Mr. Austin Jackson. I took my case from that “one call that’s all” firm, and engaged Mr. Jackson after he flew to my city and met personally with me. He explained my case and what he could do to resolve my claim. He answered every call I made to him. He showed me that he truly cared about his clients. He resolved my case and went after both insurance companies–the at-fault driver’s insurance and my own underinsured motorist coverage. Mr. Jackson resolved my case in less than one month. I am thankful to Mr. Jackson. If you are injured and need a real lawyer, not a television lawyer, then call Mr. Austin Jackson. You too will be thanking him.

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