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M. Austin Jackson, Attorney at Law strives day in and day out to deliver the most personalized and attentive service to our clients who are in the process of closing a real estate transaction.  Whether you are an agent, buyer, lender, developer or seller, our highest priority is to provide top-level care and competency to all involved.  We use the latest technology, software, and best practices to ensure that each closing transaction is performed seamlessly and securely.

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Austin Jackson – Attorney

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Endrica Barfield – Real Estate Paralegal

What does a real estate closing lawyer do?

A real estate closing attorney will navigate the intricate legal process that real estate closings are and ensures that everything is legitimate and straightforward.

  • Examines the title and evaluate the restrictions, encroachments, easements, and confirms that the title clearly allows the seller to transfer it to the buyer.
  • Writes an opinion about the title for the title company so they can issue a title binder, which is required for obtaining title insurance.
  • Coordinate with the buyer, seller, and lender, and any additional players, such as brokers, surveyors, the homeowner’s insurance company, home inspectors, contractors, homeowners’ associations, and more.
  • Reviews documents such as the deed, settlement statement, and loan documentation on the day of closing.
  • Records and distributes all of the funds in the transaction, such as brokerage fees, county taxes, homeowner’s insurance premiums, inspection fees, seller’s proceeds, and the attorney fees.

Why do I need a real estate closing lawyer?

Real estate transactions can be complex with a multitude of parties involved in the process and lengthy paperwork to deal with. Turn to an experienced real estate attorney that simplifies the process for you while safeguarding against issues that may affect your transaction.