Drunk Driving Accidents

Drunk drivers who cause car accidents should be held entirely accountable for the damages they cause. This is not always the case, though. Even a drunk driving conviction does not guarantee the intoxicated motorist will be held liable for the vehicular damages, medical costs, and pain and suffering they have caused. A civil claim must be used to pursue fair compensation.

Our Augusta personal injury lawyers are ready and willing to help you with your drunk driving claim from beginning to end. We want you to focus on your recuperation after such a jarring event, not legalese and litigation details.

Following any car accident in which you suspect the other driver was intoxicated, you need to notify the authorities immediately, even if you were not seriously injured. Only law enforcement officers can remove the drunk driver from the road, potentially saving others from also being hurt by them. When the police show up to your accident scene, be sure to ask them to give you a copy of their police report. They may have notes or evidence that show the other driver’s intoxication at the time of your crash, like a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level readout from a breathalyzer.


What can you request in damages from the intoxicated driver and their insurance company? You should be thorough in what you cite in your personal injury claim. Allow our Augusta car accident lawyers to sit down with you and discuss your options in full detail.

You may be entitled to receive compensation that helps pay for:

    • Emergency medical attention costs
    • Hospital bills
    • Rehabilitation fees
    • Vehicle repairs
    • Missing wages
    • Pain and suffering

There is no better time than now to learn about how M. Austin Jackson Attorney at Law can help you manage your claim after being in a drunk driving accident.


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